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We're glad you've made it here so we can tell you a thing or two about us.

As you have hopefully seen by now all our software and hardware is open source. We strongly believe that crucial electronics components, just like flight computers for rocketry, should follow the open source mentality. By doing so, potential issues in hardware and software can be found much more easily. Additionally, people just like you can contribute to building a system which is secure and reliable. So please, if you use our system, make sure to check out everything that comes with it and give us feedback. And if you find the time, we would be very happy to merge your pull request someday!

Oh and maybe a word or two about who we are. We have been active in the amateur rocketry scene for almost four years now and are working on the CATS system for almost three years. We've had a lot of ups and downs as is sure to happen when working with systems that you can only see fly once or twice a year. We have only ever worked on electronics and software and really hope to push forward the standard for flight computers.

We hope to see you around!

Jonas, Luca, and Nemanja

CATS Jonas Binz

Jonas Binz

Software & Control

CATS Luca Jost

Luca Jost

Hardware & Software

CATS Nemanja Stojoski

Nemanja Stojoski

Software & Data Handling

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